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Create and Manage Your Online Academy without Coding

Turn Your Knowledge into a Business


Get everything required to start your online course website and convert your knowledge into Business in a sitting without any stress.

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Booking Website, Sales Funnel & Marketing Toolkit that will jumpstart your business

 Project1913 Hubs Digital Digital is an established web development, branding and Digital marketing company delivering web development services and real estate website design in Nigeria and  to clients worldwide.  We have a team of dedicated professionals providing undefinable search engine marketing solutions and digital marketing strategies to transform your company and create innovative design experiences at local as well as global scale.

Created for Solopreneurs

Made for people like you building a successful online business selling their knowledge & expertise.

Fits a Tight Budget

Affordable for anyone working hard to build an online business on a bootstrapped budget.

Makes Course Creation Fun

We removes the hair-pulling technical hurdles for you, with a WordPress LMS plugin where you'll actually enjoy building your courses!


Launch a Membership Site and Sell ANY Content With our Done with You or Done For You

Tired of wasted weekends and janky WordPress plugins with complex settings that just don’t work?
Create your Membership Site fast and start selling with Done With You or Done For You Package.

Set up different membership tiers in minutes with simple access restrictions and display rules. Display clear visual labels for all your free and member-only website content.

Show custom messages or redirect visitors to sales pages when visitors try to access premium content. Bundle and sell your courses with exclusive members-only blog posts, videos, worksheets, downloads, ultimate guides and ANY other type of content you like with our Done With You or Done For You Package.

Stop being held hostage by rigid WordPress course plugins and platforms that dictate how you sell courses. With Done With You or Done For You Package, you’re in control of your entire Membership Site!


Deliver Your Course Content with Precision Timing Using Our Done With You or Done For You Package

Automate customer access to your lessons, modules, course content or ANY digital resources with timed schedules and custom triggers through our WordPress course plugin.

Organize your release schedules with easily customizable drip campaign timelines. Simply drag and drop to make changes on the fly. 


Easily Create Cohort Based Courses

Free yourself from the painful grind of duplicating courses each time you want to welcome a new intake of students.

Picture this instead:

Create, sell or pre-sell an unlimited number of unique drip schedules per courseDe-coupled Drip is what complete flexibility looks like.    

Give instant access to all the content in a course bundle with a single customer purchase or create a different drip schedule that only triggers when someone starts their first lesson. 

Market like the pros with premium-priced, accelerated growth programs and more with


Personalize Every Visitor’s Experience on Your Website

Fully customize your Membership Site and personalize the content each customer sees with Conditional Display.

Create compelling pages fast with content boxes, background sections, and blocks that only show when visitors meet specific conditions you’ve set.

Set your display rules to hide page or block content until a membership has been purchased and visually edit it all at the same time.

Thrive Apprentice lets you personalize not only the sales conversation, but the content different customers and non-customers will see!

Here’s what’s inside! Time to show them everything they’ll get:

Write a short sentence that gets your audience excited about what’s inside.

module 1

Set Up You Website with ALL WordPress Themes

WordPress is awesome because it allows you to create a course platform with 100% ownership and control.

Thrive Apprentice was created as an LMS plugin that safeguards this total ownership advantage by never holding your course content hostage.

Because you’re creating courses on your WordPress website with Thrive Apprentice, YOU own your content. Period.

module 2

Build As Many Free, Lead Gen, and Premium Courses As You Can!

Want to scale your business from an initial free list building course…

↪  To ten $50 courses…  ↪  To fifty $2,000 courses?

Go for it!

When you build your knowledge business with Thrive Apprentice, the cost to use the tool never increases — no matter how successful your business becomes.

module 3

Assemble Your Lessons with Ease


Did we mention building online courses with Thrive Apprentice is EASY?

Start by outlining your courses with ModulesChapters and Lessons inside the Done With You or Done For You.

You can then organize and re-order your course structure  — at any time — just drag and drop course components around until you achieve the perfect learning flow for your students.

module 4

Create the Perfect Customer Checkout Experience

Just imagine you have multiple courses available for visitors to buy. Thrive Apprentice gives you the power to show Dynamic Labels on each of those courses based on EACH visitor’s course status.

Already a customer? Let visitors know clicking will send them to their most recent lesson. 

Not a customer? Dynamic Labels can show which courses visitors haven’t bought yet.

And should non-customers try to open a premium course, you can send them to its sales page instead!

module 5

Beautiful Login and Registration Flows

Say goodbye to those ugly Login & Registration pages the other WordPress LMS plugins force you to use…

Thrive Apprentice gives you the power to completely customize the design of your student Login & Registration forms — as well as the pages they live on!

module 6

TOTAL Classroom Customization

What WordPress course theme builder allows you to completely customize your student experience?

Done For You or Done With You… that’s it!

We’re giving you TOTAL visual design freedom over your entire classroom! You can change every little detail of your online course environment. 

From the basics: Fonts, colors, logo, headers and footers

To the advanced:

What's included?

A Done For Yor Website

Complete Website

This is not a random website design. It is a complete website with all booking and lead generation system tailored to your business. 


Sales Page

You will have access to one landing page designed and built with conversion in mind. A page in agreement with Facebook policy


A Lead Generation Funnel

As a Coach, Professional & expert, we have regards and goal for your business as such we will design a Lead generation funnel for you for your main service. This template can be reused many times.

real estate website design in Nigeria


Tripwire Funnel

Selling is the life-wire of every business. as such, we will setup a tripwire funnel for you. With this funnel, you can quickly turn a visitor to a client or customer. With many options to sell and resell to them


Booking Facilities

The powerful booking and scheduling system will help you take and manage bookings with ease. Accept payments through integration with WooCommerce for a truly end to end booking experience.

Follow Up

Email Marketing

We will deploy an email marketing system using wordpress. This will eradicate the monthly bills for email providers. We will add 10 days follow-up sequences



This is for coaches and experts who sell courses. we will setup an automation for quick and instant deliveries of your products with or without you. 


Social Media for Kits

You will have access to our social media kit for business owners, coaches, real estate

real estate website design in Nigeria

Business Structure

A Detailed Training on Web Design

A Detailed Training on Web Design ranging from Ecommerce Website, Educational Website, Corporate Websites among other with the required Premium Tools and Plugins





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What's included in the Bonus?

Huge Benefit #1…

Insert some text here that summarizes this specific benefit that they can get from joining your course.

Huge Benefit #2…

Insert some text here that summarizes this specific benefit that they can get from joining your course.

Huge Benefit #1…

Insert some text here that summarizes this specific benefit that they can get from joining your course.

Huge Benefit #2…

Insert some text here that summarizes this specific benefit that they can get from joining your course.

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"We created these templates to help Social Media Managers just like you"

The Real Estate Super Bundle is a really powerful tool for social media growth, customer acquisition, and above all, sales. This content bring you closer to the customer and provide an easy way to spark conversation.

Interaction is a fundamental step for any success. It’s a great way to increase engagement and sales.

We made the Bundle to make it easier for you to achieve crazy results on Instagram easily and quickly.

I am happy to hear weekly positive feedback from our customers on how they have unlocked the power of Instagram and enjoyed social media (and business!!) growth like never before!

Akinyemi O. E. Head of Digital Marketing,

Mega Bundle New Year Deal

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are sure you’re going to be thrilled with [Funnel In A Box] and get amazing results!

It has been proven time and time again that offering a satisfaction guarantee or refund policy increases sales. And not just by a little bit. It makes a noticeable difference to conversions.

So this section is important. Right after you’ve introduced the price of your online course, you need to do everything you can to alleviate purchase anxiety. As soon as a visitor sees the price, they will start to think of all the reasons why they shouldn’t buy. That’s why it’s important to have your refund policy immediately after the first time your price is mentioned.


our website, and all the features that come with your chosen plan, are one-price. The price you see for that plan is the price you pay.

We have a plan for every type of need. If you’re just looking to get started with a professional real estate website ready to launch in minutes and built with SEO-friendly and locally-optimized content, then the Basic plan is probably right for you. If you’re interested in more advanced features for just one price, including the automation, a powerful CRM to manage communication with your leads and SSL certification to keep all web data safe, then the Standard plan (our most popular package) will be perfect for you. If you know that you want to take your online marketing to the next level, then the Plus plan with its Lead Capture and Blog App solutions and its 9 extra mini-sites that you can use to run special real estate projects, like a new condo development project or an open house, will fit exactly what you’re looking for.

Yes, it is. All of the content we create is optimized so that interested home buyers and sellers in your area have an easier time finding your website.

ach website type determines the content and number of webpages your new website will have. The Agent website is meant for an individual real estate agent. The Team Website has a page with the listings and bios of each agent on your team. The Office website is our largest website, and comes with both a page providing information about all of your agents as well as a recruiting page to attract new agents to the office.

While getting a website is a great first step towards bringing leads to your website, we also offer specific features to help generate more leads and capture their information. With our Lead Capture

We offer a perfect advertising supplement to your website with our Advertising Services. And we are avaliable to guide using Facebook, Google, and Youtube Advertising platforms

Once launched, you can customize any part of your website that you’d like. Whether you want to change text, include a new photo gallery, a video or add team member bios, it’s all in your hands! Plus, it’s extremely easy to edit anything you want.

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